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Archive of Radio Show

Below is the archive list of topics and shows and when they aired previously on WWDB (860 AM).
Check out the Radio webpage, select a topic and listen to it at your convenience for free at any time.

Date Topic Host
6/10/06 Single in a Married World Valerie Shinbaum
5/20/06 Alone vs. Lonely - Learning, Living & Loving the Difference Valerie Shinbaum
5/6/06 Ask The Astrologer Valerie Shinbaum
4/15/06 Helpful Healing Valerie Shinbaum
3/11/06 Out On Our Own - Continued Valerie Shinbaum
2/11/06 Beat the Winter Blahs Valerie Shinbaum
1/14/06 Out on Our Own - Launching your own business Valerie Shinbaum
11/12/05 Happier Holidays - Having a Stress-Free Season Valerie Shinbaum
10/15/05 Addiction Awareness Valerie Shinbaum
9/17/05 Change - Choices and Challenges` Valerie Shinbaum
8/20/05 Body Image - working from the inside out vs. the outside in for lasting positive self-esteem Valerie Shinbaum
7/23/05 “Reinvention” - going  from who we thought we were “suppposed to” be to who we are today Valerie Shinbaum
7/9/05 Life After Loss Valerie Shinbaum
6/23/05 “Myth” of “traditional” June bride
(balancing romantic partnership and staying true to oneself)
Valerie Shinbaum

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