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Webinars with Valerie Shinbaum, MS, LPC, MAC, NCC

Teachable Moments From the 12 Step Trenches

Teachable Moments From the 12 Step Trenches - Incorporating Recovery TOTS (Tools of Twelve Step) to Address Addictions - Process and Substance - in Clinical Treatment 

The proven, workable methods of Recovery TOTS (Tools of Twelve Step) serve as valuable resources for addressing addictions issues in clinical treatment, and are applicable to all types of clients as well, in terms of deepening and strengthening the overall clinical experience. In this interactive, hands on, experiential presentation, participants will be trained to incorporate all aspects of Recovery TOTS in their work with clients. In utilizing Recovery TOTS resources, clinicians access a powerful adjunct to the therapeutic process not only to assist addictions clients in relapse prevention, but also in striving towards positive and successful treatment outcomes for all clients and their significant others/family members. 

While suited for all addictions clinicians and relevant for all addictions clients and their families, this presentation can be especially helpful for clinicians treating addictions clients following inpatient rehab and/or intensive outpatient treatment, who need assistance from any means available for continuation of their recovery journey in order to avoid relapse. Additionally, clinicians can guide/suggest/support the families and significant others of addictions clients toward their own recovery journey in order to provide helpful and necessary boundaries that benefit the entire family system in the aftercare and ongoing recovery experience.

Following an inpatient rehab experience, the motivation to attend 12 step fellowship meetings often diminishes, leaving them at risk for relapse. Providers/clinicians who utilize Recovery TOTS with their addiction clients to encourage their continuing 12 step recovery journey can be of greater assistance in relapse prevention. This is true not only for addictions clients following inpatient rehab, but also for any addictions clients and their families/significant others, in that Recovery TOTS resources serve as a helpful adjunct to their counseling/therapy work.


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